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Basic configuration includes QSC K Series loudspeaker system (2 x 1,000 watt speakers and 1 (or 2)
1,000 watt KSub subwoofer) with continuous Class D power modules in all modules, extensive DSP
processing throughout, providing unique levels of sonic clarity, and DMT™ (Directivity Matched
Transition) providing matched LF and HF coverage across the entire listening area, eliminating
unnatural "dead" or "hot" frequency zones. KSub subwoofers guarantees impressive low frequencies
even at open dance floors.
Professional 12-channel Mackie PROFX12 mixer allows to connect up to 4 stereo channels, 4
microphones and/or mono XLR inputs to connect a small band or other equipment.
Gtd-Audio G-622 wireless microphone system delivers superior sound quality and is designed for a
wide range of professional application at any event. 2 microphones (including lapel and over the
head microphones) with up to 600 feet (200 meters) range are available at any event location for
you, MC and your guests.
For large volume venues (large square footage and high ceiling) more sound power will be required.
There are multiple options available here and rent/installation/sound engineer costs will be passed
through to you. Please call to discuss.
I use professional grade high power up lights, moving heads, scanners, flood lights, strobes, lasers
which are all connected to computer and creatively programmed to operate as an integrated
lighting show. Actual combination of lights/effect is dependent on the venue and your vision of the
event. Please call to discuss.

Below are some examples of actual lights configurations at the real events.