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Here is what you get:

1. Background music for the ceremony, cocktail, reception or dinner - from classical music to blues,
country, latin, lounge or ñhill out. We will decide together on the proper music for guest seating, cocktail
reception, dinner or any other element of your event - the music that will best suit your format, taste and
perception of the event.

2. Wedding ceremony - special music compilation for all elements of the ceremony: guest sitting,
Bridesmaid/Groomsmen entrance, Bride’s grand entrance, Bridesmaid/Groomsmen/Parents/Bride and
Groom’s exit, cocktail. During consultations we will collaborate on all the elements of the Ceremony and
determine what music will best suit your expectations and desire.

3. Dance program.
If this is a wedding reception - everything will start from the Bride and Groom’s first dance and then will be
followed by the Parents' dances. We will together select the appropriate music for these dances, make a mix
of several tracks or adjust duration if required. I will also arrange cake cutting, Bride's bouquet toss and any
other events that you will be planning during the event and dance program.

I am using specially selected dance music for the dance floor - a combination of well known and "dance-
proven" tracks mixed with the modern club music including the latest hits currently playing in the night clubs
in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and US. I am also using various styles of dance music from oldies, rock-n-roll,
80's-90's disco, to dance rock, hip-hop and progressive. And, of course, any Russian music from romances
to the Soviet/Russian rock, modern bands and chanson.

I will consider all of your preferences as well as any requests from your guests during the event. In every
way, the dance program will be always unique, dynamic and adjusted to the crowd and your directions. This
is your Party and my main objective is to make it carefree and maximally fun for You.

4. Professional sound and lighting equipment - this is the key to the overall success of your Party.
Comfortable, high quality, clear and powerful sound, wireless microphones available for you, MC and guests,
state-of-the-art lighting effects and equipment - all of that creates a very special experience on the dance
floor. And all of that is included in the base price. The only one thing which is not included in the base
package is the uplighting of the walls around the perimeter of your venue. It can be arranged as well but
requires a separate discussion and will be on top of the base price.

5. About me - I am dealing with the music from my childhood. I have a musical education - completed the
full course of musical school in Moscow. I started with school dance parties and setting lights/music for the
drama school in my High school in Moscow. Then I was the resident DJ in the Disco-club at the Moscow State
University. Then - mobile DJ servicing wedding ceremonies through the Wedding Store "Hymns (Gimeney)"
in Moscow. Afterwards - several years of dance parties and entertainment programs during river cruises for
the Moscow River Cruise Line Company. While in Seattle I was making private parties for my friends and
beginning November 2013 this hobby has grown into a business available to everyone.

The combination of good music, quality sound and unique lighting creates a very special reality which makes
you move and feel, sparks happy smiles on the faces, creates energy and fun and makes you come back to
the dance floor again, and again. This is a miracle and I will be happy to share this miracle with you.
Wedding:- $900 covers the preliminary consultations, planning of the ceremony and the Party, full working
day starting from equipment installation prior to guests arrival through midnight, including the music
program for every element of your event. Venue uplighting and another set of equipment for the second
stage/venue (in case the wedding ceremony is planned at a different location from the dinner and main
dance floor) are not included.

Corporate event, birthday, bachelor party, etc:- Planning of formal reception and entertainment program, a
full working day starting from equipment installation prior to guests arrival through midnight, including a
music program for every element of your event - $750. Just the dance floor - $600. Venue uplighting is not
Rules of Engagement
1. Please read through all information presented at this Site and check if your date is available (see Contact

2. Call me or send your request via email. Please include date, event format, location and your contact

3. We discuss event format, all logistics and your preferences for the program and music.

4. I send you the Contract (see draft here), you send it back to me filled and signed along with a $200 non-
refundable deposit. After that your date is booked.

5. We meet (preferably at the event venue) to finalize all details of your Party, Ceremony, dance program
and other logistics.

6. During the Day of your event I will arrive 2-3 hours ahead of the guests' arrival to assemble and install DJ
equipment beforehand. All of the equipment will be up and ready prior to arrival of your first guest.

7. Duration of the event is established in the contract and usually suggests that the program is completed
by midnight. Overtime work might be possible, subject to separate agreement and compensation.

8. Please leave me your feedback - via email or through this site.