Wedding ceremony and reception,
anniversary, birthday, corporate
event, baby shower, bachelor party,
friends gathering... Whatever the
occasion. Getting a professional DJ
is one of the most important
decisions you can make to ensure
the success of your Party. Read
DJ Gear
Terms and Contract
Professional and stylish appearance
and performance, advance
consultations on the event plan and
music program, consideration of all
your desires and wishes, affordable
prices. Fully licensed and insured.
Please check my Contract terms here
and availability at the Contact page.
And call me to book your date!
The success of every performance
fully depends on high quality
equipment, both sound and
lighting. I am working with one of
the best mobile sound solutions -
QSC K series speakers, combined
with latest LCD scanners, flood
light systems, lasers and DMX
control.

Hi! I am DJ Alex. I am thankful that you stopped by my site. There are more
than dozen DJ companies operating in Seattle area and almost all of them
are "best voted". Selection is huge and hard. Reasons to choose me:
A good DJ can lighten up any dull event with a vast array of sounds and beats, figuratively and
literally. I handle and offer my brand of entertainment to my clients who want their corporate
parties, events, and weddings to be a blast. I believe my clients want something more than regular
music and entertainment. I can help you to make your event unique, truly alive and unforgettable. It
will be a hit. I will keep your guests coming back for more. Call and hire DJ Alex today!
- Experienced and professional
- Affordable rates with superior sound equipment and lights show
- Dedicated customer service, customized program and music
- Honest and reliable
- Flexible schedules
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